Collaborate around data

Explore datasets collaboratively. Discover and share insights in teams.

Share research and exchange insights
Move data out of spreadsheets into interactive microsites accessible from a single location. Team members can share insights with each-other, as well as creating and remixing datasets. Keep projects private or open them up to your organization.
Explore collections, from products and publications to people and events
Pivot seamlessly between galleries, charts, timelines, and maps. Create a catalog of products or publications that can be searched, sorted and filtered. Create directories of people in your organization to highlight interests or areas of expertise. Visualize timelines of upcoming events to display key milestones.
Report findings in articles with embedded visualizations
Contextualize data by posting articles with embedded visualizations. Document your process and how you arrived at specific conclusions and insights. Share articles with people inside your organization or the broader community.

Exploring data together