Exploring data together

Gist transforms data into interactive web applications that enable individuals and teams to explore datasets, extract knowledge, and share insights.

Fast and easy to use

For classrooms, teams, and organizations

Invite public discourse
Engage communities by posting interactive, exploratory visualizations on cultural, political and economic topics. Make data accessible through interfaces that enable pivoting seamlessly between galleries, charts, timelines and maps. Let people discover stories in data and share insights with others.
Collaborate around data
Bring teams together around data to share knowledge and ideas in context. Exchange data effortlessly via fluid, interactive visualizations that let individuals discover their own stories. Post visualizations, insights and articles on shared team pages.
Knowledge sharing
Move data out of spreadsheets into a single source of truth. Manage data and keep content up-to-date from a simple dashboard interface. Take full control over viewing and editing permissions, and measure how visualizations are used.
Innovative visualizations
Commission unique, innovative data-driven interfaces based on your specific needs. Gist makes custom visualizations efficient to build, and easy to maintain.
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Gist is a sister company of Schema, a research and design firm with a focus on data visualization. Schema has a track record creating innovative, interactive data visualizations for clients from Fortune 500 corporations to universities, institutions, and startups.