Data Journalism

Drive engagement with your audience via fluid, beautiful interfaces for exploring data.

Make your data engaging for any audience
Move from static graphs, reports and white papers to publishing data and research in interactive, web-native formats. Make any dataset easily accessible through fluid, exploratory visualizations—no coding required.
Explore open datasets
Embeddable visualizations
Embed visualizations on your website. Change the fonts and colors to match your brand, and upload your logo. Or, publish articles directly on Gist, embedding one or more visualizations to help tell the story. Build engagement by enabling your audience to post annotations from your visualizations for others to see.
Explore articles / Explore insights
The US-China FDI Project by the Rhodium Group visualizes the flow of foreign direct investments between the US and China.
Fully customizable
Gist integrates seamlessly with Drupal, one of the most widely used content management systems. Embed native Javascript galleries, charts and maps on your Drupal site and customize the look  via CSS. On any other platform, use the Gist component library to build your own visualization formats and the Gist API to provide data for your custom graphs.