Data becomes knowledge

Create engaging, connective microsites from your structured data. Explore and share insights with internal and external audiences.
Knowledge Management
Businesses and Organizations
Use simple, intuitive interfaces for browsing structured data. Share analysis by embedding visualizations into reports and articles. Teams can easily publish, update, and collaborate on data visualizations using shared annotations.
Digital Collections
Museums, Libraries, and Archives
Understand the breadth and depth of a collection by crafting browsable galleries and data visualization interfaces. Create deeper engagement with internal teams and external audiences by contextualizing collections with user insights and timely articles.
Data Journalism
Think Tanks, Research Centers, and Classrooms
Bring data to life via fluid, interactive data visualizations. Publish eye-catching visualizations online and inspire engagement with your audience. Embed visualizations on your website and invite dialogue with user annotations.

Fast and easy to use

Gist is a tool by Schema, a research and design firm specializing in data visualization and interaction design. Schema works with clients from Fortune 500 corporations to universities, public and private institutions, and startups.