Over the last month, our team has continued to display and post numerous Visualizations of varied organizations and projects, purposefully demonstrating the versatility of Gist in beautifully visualizing information consolidation.  With Gist, it’s never form over function – it’s truly the best of both worlds in terms of gorgeous, interactive data interfaces and ergonomic usage for all users.

As many of our recent blogs have demonstrated, Gist is ideal for constructing living documents that are simple to share with both team members and the public, archiving, showcasing collections, and organizing data in visually-stunning ways.  Now, I’d like to share a prime example of how Gist can be successfully utilized for calculating and sharing research for our nation’s democratic process – a comprehensive Visualization of all current legislators of the 114th U.S. Congress:

Here, each legislator is presented by their official government photo, yet visitors to the page can arrange each entry in various ways: the representative’s full name, first or last separately, their birthday, age, gender, political affiliation, district or state.  Most impressively, each individual profile, once selected, gives complete comprehensive data, including their full contact information, social media links and government and ballot ID numbers. 

With Gist's state-of-the-art visual system, researchers, educators, journalists and all citizens have never had an easier way to stay fully informed!

Users of Gist will find such easy organization invaluable in cataloguing not only their employee roster or faculty, but all companies in need of a beautifully-displayed directory of people can easily adapt this format to suit their needs.  In addition, Gist's many features makes it effortless to integrate relevant demographic statistics and information for even further insight and texture.    

Explore our full gallery of Visualization at app.gistapp.com to learn the endless possibilities that Gist offers for your organization.