Last week, we flew to Toronto to attend Collision Conference 2019 and showcase Gist! Collision is always an amazing experience, a place to network and learn about new technologies that are disrupting industries, from data science and content to autotech and environmental sustainability. To help attendees navigate the growing conference, we created two Gist visualizations: Collision Attendees and Collision Startups. Explore them to get a glimpse of the conference!

Christian, Andre, and Quinton at Collision 2019

This year, we focused on demonstrating the advancing capabilities and applications of Gist. Gist gives you the ability to turn structured data into explorable visualizations, so that you can engage teams or audiences at deeper level, support collaborative teamwork and deeper audience engagement, and encourage deeper engagement by teams and target audiences. It's only been a week, and we're already looking forward to Collision 2020!

You can learn more about the Collision Conference at, and we welcome you to explore our numerous datasets at to learn the endless possibilities that Gist offers for your organization.