South by Southwest is a large festival held annually in Austin, Texas showcasing the latest in film, music, and technology. Using data sourced from and Gists’s recent integration with, we created two visualizations featuring the 4,649 speakers SXSW hosted as well at the 1,757 music acts performing during the festival.

For the SXSW Music 2019 visualization, you can sort the views by gallery, pie chart, scatterplot, graph and tree map. The pie chart showcases the festival’s vast array of musical genres and highlights the most popular ones: rock, Hip-hop, pop and electronic. By clicking into one of the pie pieces, you can narrow down which acts are performing by genre.

The tree map is an ideal view for categorizing the subgenres within a genre. Once again, the visualization shows the diverse categories of genre in the festival. Clicking through the genres will filter into the gallery view for a specific sub genre.

The SXSW speaker information is organized by Speaker name, event title, venue, summary, time date, and headshot. When this information is input onto Gist, the viewer gets a visual of when and where the speakers will be on any given day.